3 Month Social Innovation Program

Our 3-month international internship programs take you beyond the boundaries of a traditional classroom to participate in solving global challenges and creating a social impact around the world. The ultimate goal of our programs is to learn through community collaboration. To accomplish this, participants build a team with locals and work together to seek out opportunities within a community, formulate ideas on how to improve quality of life, and test those ideas in the field. 

  • Cultural Immersion
  • International experience
  • Learn practical skills required to succeed
  • Participate in global impact community projects

Ycenter healthcare internships

Maxixe, Mozambique, Africa                

Duration 3 months  (12 weeks)

Program Fees 4000 USD 

Program Themes

  • Engineering and Technology
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Projects offered

  1. Healthcare Technology - Open for Engineering/IT majors and public health 
  2. Studying Supply Chain Management System for Essential Drugs - Open for Business majors
  3. Custom Project created by University faculty and student to be implemented with our community partners


Ycenter education internship

Mumbai, India, Asia

Duration 3 months  (12 weeks)                          

Program Fees 4000 USD 

Program Themes

  • Engineering and Technology
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Community Outreach and Social Development


  1. Education Technology - Open for Engineering/IT majors
  2. English Teaching Model and Curriculum Development - Open to all majors
  3. Ethnographic Research for low-income families - Open for Business majors, Actuarial Sciences


  • Pre-Departure Training and Orientation: Accepted participants will receive a 2 week pre-departure training and orientation, where you will learn about the Principles of Design Thinking and Critical Thinking techniques. You will get a chance to discuss your assumptions and expectations. 

  • Arrival: Participants arrive in-country and will be greeted by our program coordinator who will also facilitate your ground transport. Meet up at 6:00 PM at the training site location for a welcome and team dinner. During your few first days in the community you will begin to explore the village, making sure to map out your surroundings as you discover new places and resources. During your exploration you will meet new people in the community and will have the opportunity to participate in their day-to-day activities.

  • Project kick-off: Our in-country staff will prepare you for your community immersion experience, as well as provide a background in social innovation and local history and culture. Other activities will include an introduction to the project, language lessons and organizational site visits.

Week 1: You will focus your attention on truly immersing yourself in the local community. Participants will spend time with their host families and community members, forming relationships that may later assist them in the innovation process. Activities include: information gathering, shared cultural experiences, shadowing community partners, team reflections, discussions & more.

Week 2-4: You will start working one-to-one with your partner organization to collaborate with throughout the innovation process. Depending on your project, you will be assigned tasks for first two weeks including surveys, report writing and presentation. This phase will build a key foundation for you to understand the nuances of working on your project. You will start with basic project implementation with a small group of local collaborators. 

Week 5: Week off. Here are some ideas that you can consider from Lonely Planet.

Week 6-10: Together the Participants and their team will brainstorm new ideas, opportunities, and challenges while asking big questions related on their project. Project implementation along with measurement is the key to achieve the desirable outcomes. By the end of this session, you will create a Community Action Plan outlining next steps for local community members to led the project.

Final Days: Goodbyes to community partners and your new friends. Shop from local shops and bring back yourself and for your friends a classic souvenir. Then back to your host country for final reflections and become a Ycenter International Graduate. 


All participants will stay with a pre-approved secured community housing closer to the actual project site. We believe that total immersion is vital to fully understand the culture of your host community.

You’ll bathe with a bucket, use latrines, and plan your own cooking and cleaning. Meals are prepared by your Ycenter community staff member, and special health precautions are taken to ensure all water and food items are thoroughly decontaminated. Most participants will share accommodations with another student.

Community housing are carefully vetted and chosen by our in-country coordinators to ensure the best experience possible for our students. 


You can choose to travel to local beaches and trekking options. While on excursion, you are responsible for your personal liability including travel and accommodations . Our international sites are known for some historic landmarks and cultural attractions that you may want to explore. This excursion is optional and is not included in the program fee. 


  • Average Group Size: 4-10 Participants Per Project

  • Course Credit Available

  • Age Requirement: 18+

  • For health & safety information, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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1] Is it safe?
The health and safety of our participants is our biggest priority. While personal safety in any international experience can never be 100% guaranteed, Ycenter has several health and safety measures in place to keep participants and their families minds at ease. Our staff monitors political, social and economic conditions in the regions where we work. Ycenter educates and prepares participants for travel through conference calls, emails, and pre-departure sessions. Prior to departure, participants receive health and safety information about the country they are travelling to based on CDC recommendations. Ycenter registers all participants with the local U.S. Embassy in the country they are working. Each region where we work has a “community committee” comprised of vetted and hand selected community members who are both paid staff and volunteers for our participants. They are an integral part of our operation strategy and provide a heightened sense of safety throughout the course of the program. They make sure every program, translator and design team partner is also vetted and has a good record within the community.
To ensure that participants stay healthy throughout the program, Ycenter has developed a comprehensive list of criteria that communities within which we live and work must meet. The nearest modern hospital is no more than 30 miles away from the communities in which Ycenter works. There will be a local clinic for minor injuries that is closer in proximity. Participants are trained in first aid prior to departure, and each community has a comprehensive first aid kit within reach of our participants.

2] Are scholarships or financial assistance available?
We offer scholarship in the form of subsidiary to select students.
We strongly enourage you to connect with your faculty advisor and university study abroad/work abroad/international program offices to see if they can help you with scholarships.

3] What does the program fee include?
Program Tuition for all the Ycenter international programs include accommodation, visa cost, overseas insurance, airport arrival pickup and drop-off, local excursions, projects training, media coverage for selected projects.

Does not include - airfare, immunization/medications, discretionary spending.