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Design services to meet your organization’s digital needs and beyond.

Our design philosophy is about building functional and meaningful solutions. We map user needs and wants, we add context to behavior beyond statistics.

Our Design Principles

Bold and creative

We bring in bold ideas and divergent thinking for y(our) projects. Creativity is a habit for all our designers.


We understand the value of feedback and using it to improve upon designs. We account for iterations in all our project timelines, making sure we achieve the shared goals.

Faster shipping

Best designs are the ones that solve the right problem at the right time. We take limited projects every year that align with our values. This guarantees priority shipping for your project.

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Design is everywhere. And our approach to design is inspired from biomimicry, engineering, human-centeredness and business innovation.

We offer digital design solutions and also hardware prototyping for select projects.

 Design Thinking in pharma


User interface (UI), User experience (UX) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the definite basics we take care of. Your website is home to your business, and we architect amazing welcoming homes.

 Design Thinking in pharma


Creating a secured payment transaction web app that makes your customers feel great about shopping with you. We code from scratch or using a platform like Shopify.

 Design Thinking in pharma


Our deep experience from instructional design to student engagement to course management can help you design a complete virtual learning experience.

 Design Thinking in pharma


From concept sketches to a physical prototype, our hardware engineers and team of makers help you create visualize your ideas and products in 3D form.

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Our partnership models to work with you

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    Project based

    We use this model for projects with a predefined scope of work and timeline. This type of partnership is ideal for projects where there is little to no change expected in terms of timeline and the overall scope of the project.

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    Time and Efforts

    This model applies to most new product development projects because their scope is often difficult to predict. We start with a broad prediction of budget and timeline, which goes into more detail with each following phase to ensure full control of the spending.

  • 03

    Revenue sharing

    If you have an idea for a project/venture with a relaxed timeline and a tight budget, we offer to work with you on a post-project completion revenue-sharing based model. Our team performs due diligence on your idea/organization to make sure both of us are a good fit for each other.

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Ycenter’s design thinking CUBE framework can enable your organization to create future forward solutions and go to market faster than ever before.

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