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Design Thinking For Entrepreneurs

About Course

Learn human centered design thinking to launch your new enterprise.

Human Centered design takes you through the journey of understanding problems, Empathy building for your customers, Analogous Thinking for Creativity and finally Business Model for your best idea.

Course Structure

The program is broken down into discrete modules for compartmentalization.

Serial No. Module Name Duration
1 Designing for people 1.5 Hours
2 Understanding Problems 1 Hour
3 Complex Problem breakdown 2 Hours
4 Introduction to Research using Empathy 0.5 Hour
5 Market research 2 Hours
6 Making Sense of Data using Pattern Thinking 1 Hour
7 Creative Problem Solving 1 Hour
8 Innovation 1 Hour
9 Prototyping Human Centered Solutions and Feedback 1 Hour
10 Execution Business Model Canvas and implementation Strategy 1 Hour

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