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Design Thinking For The
New Internet

About The Program

Get Introduced To Concepts Of Human Centered Design, Complex Problem Solving & Decentralized Systems

The 2-day workshop takes participants through the entire process of understanding decentralized systems and problem environments, breaking down a complex problem into solvable parts, finding patterns and cause-effect relationships, mapping stakeholders and user journeys, turning an idea into a viable product / service and finally adapting Blockchain as a technology to develop conceptual solutions for these problem cases.

Top skills you acquire:
  • Understanding Complex Global Systems
  • Complex Problem Breakdown
  • Cause and Effect Analysis
  • Idea to Prototyping
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Human Centered Design
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Introduction to Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Mapping User Journey in Decentralized Networks
  • Designing Blockchain applications for social imapct

The Blockchain U

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Design Thinking For The New Internet

Date: 27th and 28th October, 2018
Venue: Maker Maxity, Bandra Kurla Complex Road, Mumbai

Registration Fees
Rs. 5000 per individual
(GST extra)
Limited seats. Only the first 50 registrations will be permitted.

Program Structure

The entire workshop is delivered using Experiential Learning Pedagogy, which means as participants you will be engaging in hands-on activities rather than learning only theories. Get a chance to specifically work on your respective project ideas (if any) or pick a problem statement under the context of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Lunch, snacks and working materials for both the days will be provided at the venue.
Participants are requested to bring their own laptops.

Day 1
Saturday: 10am - 7pm

Serial Module Name
1 Introduction to Complex Global Systems
2 Introduction to Human Centered Design
3 Understanding Problems
4 Complex Problem Breakdown Part 1: Cause-Effect Analysis
5 Complex Problem Breakdown Part 2: Stakeholder Mapping
6 Making Sense of Data using Pattern Thinking
7 Mapping User Journey in Decentralized Systems
8 Creative Thinking & Innovation
9 Prototyping Human Centered Solutions and Feedback

Day 2
Sunday: 10am - 7pm

Serial Module Name
1 What is the New Internet?
2 Centralized Systems vs Decentralized Systems
3 Introduction to Blockchain
4 Understanding the jargons
5 Types of Blockchain
6 Blockchain Tokens vs Cryptocurrencies
7 Problems with building on blockchain
8 Understanding blockchain use cases
9 Build conceptual solutions for distributed systems using design thinking

Additional Benefits For Participants

As part of our commitment towards creating a global ecosystem of entrepreneurs, innovators and change-makers, all participants will receive continued access to mentorship and learning opportunities for their projects by Ycenter’s global leadership team and The Blockchain U’s community of developers beyond the workshop.

Who is this for?

  • Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Professionals who wish to learn the principles of Design Thinking & Complex Problem Solving and learn how to apply those tools to design Blockchain applications for real world problems.
  • No prior experience required.
  • Lunch, snacks and all learning / working materials will be provided.
  • Should be available to attend the event in person on both days.

Meet The Facilitator

Insights and mentorship from an experienced entrepreneur in the field.

Rohaan Goswami

Rohaan Goswami is the COO and Director of Product at Ycenter India. He leads the engineering and design teams and is chief architect of Ycenter’s global experiential learning platform EPIC. He is also in charge of driving Ycenter's worldwide expansion programs, specifically in Asia and the Middle East. When not solving challenges at Ycenter, he works as the Creative Director at ProjectOne, a non-profit media collective that he founded in 2016 to research on & celebrate human diversity. Rohaan is frequently invited as a visiting faculty for Design Thinking, Social Innovation and Blockchain domains across top universities including IIT-Bombay and IIT-Roorkee, and also as a keynote speaker & advisor for international organizations, policy makers and conferences including Shell Foundation, IEEE and Unite 2030. In November 2017, Rohaan was invited as a delegate from India to the Misk Global Forum in Riyadh, in association with the United Nations Development Program. He believes that the shortest distance between two people is a story, and that the world can be brought closer together through efficient storytelling mediums, sustainable technology and experiential education.

Aakash Bansal

Aakash Bansal is Co-founder and CTO at The Blockchain University. He is a technology evangelist with a strong business acumen and believes in the idea of create-learn-share. He has a master’s degree in Electronics, strong business experience and over 15 years of commercial & open source hands-on coding experience. He started his career as the youngest ever program manager at AT&T Labs, USA at the age of 22. In 6 years since then, he has co-founded 4 businesses and successfully exited 2. Along with actively building & managing over 12 products, he currently co-manages a family run school of 700 students in India.

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