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Saving Cities : Engineering Urban Sustainability
North Philly Style

About The Program

Center for Inclusive Competitiveness Partners with the Ycenter to present:

This two-day bootcamp is designed to take participants through the process of breaking down a complex problem and turning an idea into an actionable solution and finally making a business model for it.
Ycenter two day programs are truly immersive for participants to learn about Entrepreneurship, Complex Problem Solving and Human-centered design methodology. You will learn, ideate, build and explore new ways to solve real problems using the power of business. You do not need to have a team to participate in this event. Individual registrations are welcome.

Top skills you acquire:
  • Complex Problem Understanding and Breakdown
  • Cause and Effect Analysis
  • Idea to Prototyping
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Market Research
  • Human Centered Design
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Building A Business Model

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Saving Cities - Engineering Urban Sustainability - North Philly Style

Date : June 28-29, 2019

Temple College of Engineering, Room 312
1947 N. 12th Street,
Philadelphia PA

For Registration Contact :

Abeer El-Zaher at 215-204-7889

Program Structure

The entire workshop is delivered using Experiential Learning Pedagogy, which means as participants you will be engaging in hands-on activities rather than learning only theories. Get a chance to specifically work on your respective project ideas (if any) or pick a problem statement under the context of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Day 1 : 9am to 5pm

SNo. Chapter Name
1 Introduction to Human Centered Design (background)
2 Complex Problem Breakdown (activity)
3 Introduction to the United Nations SDG Framework (background)
4 Introduction to Primary Research using Empathy (activity)
5 Market research (background + activity)
6 Analogous Metaphor Thinking (activity)

Day 2: 9am to 5pm

SNo. Chapter Name
1 Creative Problem Solving (background + activity)
2 Customer Journey Mapping (background + activity)
3 Prototyping Human Centered Solutions and Feedback (activity)
4 Internet of Things + Social Impact
5 Internet of Things Solution Building for Humanitarian Impact

Additional Benefits For Participants

As part of our commitment towards creating a global ecosystem of entrepreneurs, innovators and change-makers, all participants will receive continued mentorship for their projects by our global leadership team beyond the workshop.

Who is this for?

  • Students with existing early stage ideas or wanting to learn about Entrepreneurship and design thinking for new ideas.
  • No prior experience required.
  • All learning and working materials will be provided.
  • Should be available to attend the event in person on both days.

For Registration Contact :

Abeer El-Zaher at 215-204-7889

Meet The Facilitator

Insights and mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs in the field.

ycenter team CEO Dhairya Pujara

Dhairya Pujara

Dhairya Pujara is the Founder, CEO at Ycenter, he is responsible for building a global ecosystem bringing in corporates, universities, NGOs for creating experiential educational programs. Dhairya is the curator for "Global Shaper Hub Philadelphia" by World Economic Forum. He has been a global TEDx organizer and a sought-after public speaker on entrepreneurship and international development. He delivers keynote and guest lectures in some of the top business schools and conferences around the globe. Dhairya sits on the advisory board for European Commission program LASIN - Latin American Social Innovation network. In 2015, American Immigration granted him an approval for special category work visa reserved for "an individual of extra-ordinary abilities”. He received his Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Drexel University.

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