Ycenter India offers one-month long Experiential learning programs in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Skill development. Our programs are crafted to give you a hands-on experience - to create your own venture, attain skills necessary for the future of work or lead your teams with vision & innovation.

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Our Programs

Startup Now

Our Entrepreneurship program is ideal for people who want to start their own organizations but don't know how to go about it. Our program takes you from an idea to an investor ready business plan and pitch.

Skills for the future

Aimed towards providing the youth with the skills they need to succeed in the future of work. Unleash your creativity, apply your skills to real world issues & build skills that will last you a lifetime

Corporate Leadership & Innovation

Our Corporate program helps you bring creativity and innovative thinking to your organization. We do company wide programs as well as smaller, focussed programs with particular departments or executives. 


Our Platform

We offer our courses through an innovative & unique online learning experience. Our digital e-learning platform (e=Experiential) is designed to provide our users with an engaging, immersive and inspiring experience. A unique blend of e-learning, collaboration & project management, our platform is built to ensure we miss out on none of the quality and experience of being in a room together. 


Global Content

Our content is assimilated from our experiences on the field, from rural villages in Africa, slums in Mumbai, to some of the most prestigious universities and organizations around the world. It also comes from diverse fields such as Design, Business & Engineering. We bring a global perspective to your thinking and help you broaden your horizons by learning the best content from around the globe. 

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Engaging Experience

Our programs are not like the typical e-learning experiences. We run cohort based, one month long programs that involve a lot of peer to peer collaboration & feedback. Our content is followed by intense discussions and activities that will keep you on your toes and far away from being a passive receiver of instructions. 

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Meaningful Metrics

You can't change what you can't see, and our metrics provide you with an insight into the intangible process of creativity. Whether you're running a program within your organization or taking the course yourself, we provide you with data that helps you understand how you learn, which in turn helps you understand how you can become more creative 


Our Pedagogy

At the core of Ycenter is our pedagogy. Our mission is to bring context to learning and we do this through our unique pedagogy inspired by the principles of Experiential Learning & Human Centered Design. Simply put we believe that you can't learn by just reading or listening without doing. Our pedagogy focusses on helping you apply your learning to real world context.



Our content is jargon free, easy to understand and full of meaningful & relevant examples and references. Our content comes from the best sources across the disciplines of design, business & engineering presented in the context of India and the lives of people here, making it the right mix of Global + Indian. 


Discussion & Feedback

A big part of our pedagogy is communication between our participants, as well as with the facilitators. Discussion sessions ensure the concepts presented in the Content are analyzed from all angles and fully understood by everyone. Peer to peer feedback helps you understand what you could do better from a different yet relevant perspective. 



Activities are the cornerstone of the Experiential learning pedagogy. Our activities help you make your ideas tangible, bringing them into the world outside of your head. Through these activities you connect to the world around you, and make your learnings useful. 

Ycenter is a global Experiential Learning organization. We have conducted our programs on three continents, with students, NGOs, Aid agencies, universities and corporates. 


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Maitri Shah

Joining Y-center's program was one of the turning points in my life.In India, the relationship of a teacher and student is revered for a lifetime. The coaches at Ycenter live by that philosophy. I say that because even though the course ended in a month, whenever I have reached out to them for guidance in my startup journey, they have always been a great source of mentoring and motivation. More power to Team Ycenter!

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Shivkumar Krishnamurthy

The greatest thing is that Ycenter programs are extremely personalized to suit each start up individually, and there are several principles taught, which are applicable to all. In a few weeks, we built relationships which have added immense value and opened great opportunities.  Ycenter provided us with a lot of great exposure and helped us build a strong foundation for our company.

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Jayesh Ahuja

As it comes from the name we were trained to focus on "why" behind everything. This changed the way I started looking at the world. Stories, examples, and people from all around the globe were part of the program and it helped to understand the concepts better. I learned more in those 6 weeks of Ycenter's program than throughout my 4 years of engineering. To sum it up, it was a life changing experience.