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Campus to Career

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Prepare for a Career and not just a job.

A highly interactive soft skills program for students on campus getting ready to make a transition to professional career. Right from cracking your interview to obtaining skills like professional communication, negotiation, conflict management allows students to succeed at workplace. You also create a capstone project in this program that allows you to put your classroom knowledge to test in real world.

Course Structure

The program is broken down into discrete modules for compartmentalization.

Serial No. Module Name Duration
1 Visual - Non Verbal Communication 1 Hours
2 Verbal Communication 2 Hour
3 Written Communication 2 Hours
4 Digital personal branding 2 Hour
5 Mock Interview 2 Hours
6 Industry trends and reports understanding 1 Hour
7 Conflict Management 1 Hour
8 Capstone Project and Vision building for career 3 Hour

Plans built for every one

Our pricing covers all benefits and outcomes of the course. For a lifetime.

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