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Corporate Leadership and Innovation

About Course

Leadership through vision building and Design led Innovation for your workplace.

Ycenter in collaboration with Leading with Vision has developed a 30 hour corporate intervention program with two key focus areas. Leadership and Innovation as skills. We don’t use case studies instead create an audit of your organization and use your actual workplace issues to deliver this program.

Course Structure

The program is broken down into discrete modules for compartmentalization.

Serial No. Module Name Duration
1 Complex Problem Identification 1.5 Hours
2 Empathy at Workplace for cross department 1 Hour
3 Cause-Effect and Stakeholder Analysis 1 Hours
4 Systems Thinking 1 Hour
5 Creativity for Ideation 1.5 Hours
6 Mock Board room brainstorming 1 Hour
7 Creative Problem Solving 1 Hour
8 Hacking Innovation 1 Hour
9 Vision Building 1 Hour
10 Prototyping Solutions 1 Hour
11 Execution Model and implementation Strategy 1 Hours
12 Business Model Canvas and Creating an Elevator pitch for investors 2 Hours

Make Your Own Course

Don't want to buy the full program? Customize your course and pay for only the modules you need.