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Learn the basics of starting-up a new business. From market research to financial model building to learning the basics of Intellectual Property like patents and copyrights. Build a prototype and build a business model roadmap to take your ideas to market.

Course Structure

The program is broken down into discrete modules for compartmentalization.

Serial No. Module Name Duration
1 Introduction to Entrepreneurship for solving problems 1.5 Hours
2 Understanding Problems 1 Hour
3 Complex Problem breakdown 2 Hours
4 Introduction to Research using Empathy 0.5 Hour
5 Market research 2 Hours
6 Making Sense of Data using Pattern Thinking 1 Hour
7 Creative Problem Solving 1 Hour
8 Innovation 1 Hour
9 Prototyping Human Centered Solutions and Feedback 1 Hour
10 Feasibility and Marketability of your business ideas 1 Hour
11 Start-up Finances, Legal Incorporation and Intellectual Property (Patents, copyrights) 2 Hours
12 Business Model Canvas and Creating an Elevator pitch for investors 2 Hours

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