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UN SDG Social Innovation

About Course

Innovate for societal issues and build a viable Business Model around it.

Solve some of the toughest global challenges in context of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Learn about sustainable business models, theory of change and innovating in face of low resource settings and how to create a solution that impact millions of lives globally.

Course Structure

The program is broken down into discrete modules for compartmentalization.

Serial No. Module Name Duration
1 Introduction to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 1 Hour
2 Breaking Complex Societal Problems into solvable parts 2 Hour
3 Empathy building and secondary research 2 Hours
4 Ethnographic Research for communities 4 Hour
5 Ideation and Prototyping 2 Hours
6 Theory of Change 1 Hour
7 Outcome & Impact Measurement (Monitoring/Evaluation) 2 Hour
8 Building Your Vision, Mission & Philosophy 1 Hour
9 Building a double bottom line business 1.5 Hour
10 Storytelling for Entrepreneurs 2 Hour

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