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Designing new systems for a sustainable future

We aren't just in the business of solving problems. We want to target the systems that lie at their root, and redesign them to create a sustainable future.


Innovation Consulting

We offer innovation consulting services to help you build more sustainable products and services.

Market Research

Our driven team of innovators conducts comprehensive market research to help you maximize your impact.

Training and Workshops

We offer expert-led training suites and workshops to equip your workforce with knowledge of the design thinking framework and best practices in sustainability.

Ycenter and Sustainability

We are a purpose driven organization operating at the intersection of design thinking and social innovation. Keeping empathy and innovation at the fore, all our work is governed by principles of sustainability, economic viability and impact.

We believe that sustainability cannot be achieved in silos by solving problems in isolation. We need to widen our lens, uproot the systems that no longer serve us, and design new systems that keep people at the center.

From sustainable fashion to solar technology, we have been involved with impactful initiatives across the globe. We are also proudly recognized as a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals partner.

Social Innovation at


The Green

How Ethik Is Leading A Ripple Effect For Sustainability

 Design Thinking in pharma


Our learnings from the United Nations Stockholm50 conference.

 Design Thinking in pharma

Data Driven Agriculture with Agribora

Our journey with Agribora.

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