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The Journey So Far

Journey begins

Jun 2012

Dhairya Pujara quit his corporate job on first day and join university’s international service learning program that take his to Africa.

OCT 2012

Dhairya takes a bunch of university students to rural Mozambique town hospital for 5 months of work.

Fixing people not devices

OCT-DEC 2012

Dhairya works with local communities and realizes not all donations and charity are helpful. He started training doctors, nurses and technicians on how to use the donated medical devices and how to fix them.

First ever TEDx

JAN 2013

Dhairya organizes the FIRST EVER TEDx conference in the country of Mozambique. To read more on how this innovative event came along despite the odds Click here.

MAR 2013

Dhairya returns to USA with an amazing experience and the seed for Ycenter was planted. He spends next few months forming partnership, saving money, finding mentors to prepare for launch of company.

We are a legit company

JAN 2014

Ycenter was registered and officially incorporated in Philadelphia in USA. The first office and (current headquarters) are at Benjamin’s Desk in Philadelphia.

We are DoGooders

FEB 2014

Ycenter wins the Philly DoGooder popular choice award. You can watch the full film onYouTube

Wharton School invites us

MAR 2014

Dhairya delivers an inspiring talk at the Wharton Business School sharing his thoughts on entrepreneurship. You may watch the video Youtube

Drexel honors Ycenter founder

APRIL 2014

Dhairya Pujara is selected as a 40 under 40 young leader by Drexel university.

MAY 2014

Philadelphia Business Journal writes about Ycenter launch and Ycenter gets invited at the United Nations Social Innovation event in New York.
JUNE 2014

Hacking innovation and impact

Ycenter along with Microsoft Bizspark launches Impactathon - a design thinking hackathon sprint to solve real world issues. This event led to creation of an SMS based technology company that delivers healthcare information to fight Malaria in remote places.

Social Enterprise World Forum

OCT 2014

Ycenter collaborates with University of Pennsylvania for Hack the Change and Dhairya gets invited for a keynote at the Social Enterprise World Forum Seoul South Korea.

Genius Visa

JAN 2015
Dhairya gets awarded an O1A Visa by US government - a visa reserved for individuals of extraordinary ability.
MAY 2015

Ycenter launches Entrepreneurship and Innovation program in Mozambique.
JUN 2015

Project Aurora - an open source public health project that was aimed at creating accessible communication assets to teach about diseases like Malaria.
JULY 2015

Ycenter India launched

PYcenter launches Entrepreneurship and Innovation program in India in collaboration with K J Somaiya and their incubation RIIDL.

AUG 2015

Ycenter launches Skills for Life program in India also collaborating with Urmi Foundation.
SEP 2015

YCENTER was identified as one of the programs of distinction for its "Leadership and Experiential Learning activities" that should be benchmarked and evaluated to deliver on the promise of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by the Caux Round Table Report.

Ycenter Philadelphia program

OCT 2015

Ycenter collaboration with city government in Philadelphia launched comPACT - community impact program to train Philly based activities, non-profit professionals and entrepreneurs to train in design thinking and entrepreneurship. The event also called for collaboration with then Deputy Mayor of Philadelphia.

JAN-FEB 2016

Ycenter collaborates with Global Classroom Project to work with high school students on teaching them about Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation.
March 2016

University of British Columbia Canada invites us

Ycenter Founder invited for a keynote workshop at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

Ycenter Kenya launched

APR 2016

Ycenter launches first ever Agriculture Entrepreneurship in Kenya with CANIS at the University of Nairobi and Digital Opportunity Trust. 5 new ideas were created by the local youth to alleviate farmer’s poor efficiency and exploitative issues faced by them in their supply chain.

MAY-JUN 2016

Ycenter students launch a Vaccination transportation system and Micro-finance projects in Mozambique.

United Nations invites us.

JULY 2016

Ycenter is invited at the first ever high level political forum - The Partnership Exchange - at the United Nations in context of Sustainable Development Goals.

AUG 2016

Ycenter launches the second version of India’s NEXT 40 - a high impact Entrepreneurship program in Mumbai. 4 start-ups were created through this program.
SEP 2016

Ycenter is invited at Brown University and Rhode Island school of Design for a workshop on Design Thinking for Social innovation at the Better World by Design.
DEC 2016

Ycenter is invited by International Labor Organization in Turin. Italy as a contributing member to prepare charter for “Jobs for the Future” in the dynamic changing world.
FEB 2017

4 week Startup program at Pennovation center also saw students from Wharton Business School

Going big in Kenya

MAR 2017

Ycenter Kenya launches Social Entrepreneurship for Agriculture program. Also initiates collaboration with GODAN and partners like RCMRD/NASA on how to effectively use Open Data and Open GIS tools for improving agro and nutritional outcomes.

Empathy workshop in Switzerland

MAY 2017

Ycenter was invited for a workshop and a keynote at the 27th annual ebbf in Switzerland. Watch the full talk on YouTube

AUG 2017

Ycenter India goes full throttle and launches 4 new offline programs and begins inception of an online platform
SEP 2017

TEDx talk by our Founder

Ycenter collaborate with Leading with Vision for Corporate Leadership and Innovation program and gets invited to share his story at the TEDxIITBHU in India

Presenting Team Ycenter India

OCT 2017

Ycenter in India build a solid foundation.

We continue to write our story of global impact and redesigning education.