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United Nations SDG
Design Thinking Workshop

About Course

Innovate for societal issues and build a viable Business Model around it.

This 2-day workshop is designed to solve some of the toughest global challenges in context of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Learn about sustainable business models, theory of change and innovating in face of low resource settings and how to create a solution that impact millions of lives globally.

Course Structure

The program is divided into 2 days taking you through the process of turning an idea into a sustainable business model.

Day 1

SNo. Chapter Name
1 Introduction to Human Centered Design (background)
2 Complex Problem Breakdown (activity)
3 Introduction to the United Nations SDG Framework (background)
4 Introduction to Primary Research using Empathy (activity)
5 Market research (background + activity)
6 Analogous Metaphor Thinking (activity)

Day 2

SNo. Chapter Name
1 Creative Problem Solving (background + activity)
2 Customer Journey Mapping (background + activity)
3 Prototyping Human Centered Solutions and Feedback (activity)
4 Business Model Canvas (Ycenter prop Startup Innovation Model SIM)
5 Business Pitch using Story-telling (activity)

Meet The Facilitator

Insights and mentorship from an experienced entrepreneur in the field.

ycenter team CEO Dhairya Pujara

Dhairya Pujara

Dhairya Pujara is the Founder, CEO at Ycenter, he is responsible for building a global ecosystem bringing in corporates, universities, NGOs for creating experiential educational programs. Dhairya is the curator for "Global Shaper Hub Philadelphia" by World Economic Forum. He has been a global TEDx organizer and a sought-after public speaker on entrepreneurship and international development. He delivers keynote and guest lectures in some of the top business schools and conferences around the globe. Dhairya sits on the advisory board for European Commission program LASIN - Latin American Social Innovation network. In 2015, American Immigration granted him an approval for special category work visa reserved for "an individual of extra-ordinary abilities”. He received his Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Drexel University.

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John Ycenter

John Kolditz

John Kolditz is the Higher-Ed Program Manager at Ycenter overseeing our United Nations SDG Entrepreneurship & Innovation programs. He ensures that universities have what they need to facilitate the best experience for their students. John has built service and retail businesses, developed sales teams, and enjoys coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs. He is married, has three sons and is working on an initiative to assist young refugees in developing job skills and launching businesses.

Universities and Affiliations

Our program has created value for some of the best universities and impact organizations from around the world.

Temple University
UC Davis

Additional Benefits For Participants

As part of our commitment towards creating a global ecosystem of entrepreneurs, innovators and change-makers, all participants will receive continued mentorship for their projects by our global leadership team beyond the workshop.

Why Partner With Ycenter

  • Opportunities to present at the UN headquarters in NYC.
  • Becoming an official United Nations SDG volunteer member.
  • Become part of an online learning community and connect with other passionate professors, students and entrepreneurs through Ycenter platform.
  • Media exposure through story-telling for successful student projects.
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Hear what previous participants have to say about the Ycenter workshop experience.

Justin Malone

Wharton School Of Business

“This is a great program for anyone who is interested in learning more about startup life and how to create solutions to problems through business”

Shyam Manja

Deshpande Foundation

“An amazing platform which enables to think in different dimensions and come up with innovative ideas and solutions. Design thinking at its best!”

Segev Yarden

Temple University

“I think I will look back on Ycenter comPACT program for many years to come as the place I started taking my dream, and my ability to fulfill that dream, seriously.”

Jili Zhou

George Washington University

“I have to say that after two days of training, I became more confident in working towards my entrepreneurial dream.”

Avishek Havanur

KLE Institute of Technology

“This was a hands-on, thought-provoking program that left me inspired; feeling much more influential with many actionable takeaways I can apply immediately!”

Namrata Das


“An amazing platform, which enables to think in different dimensions and come up with innovative ideas and solutions.”

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