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We have curated a select set of case studies, toolkits, podcasts, articles and videos to help you learn something new and bring change to your community & organization.

Innovation Toolkits

A selection of open-source toolkits for design, complex problem solving, creativity and organizational strategy by some of world's best innovators. They contain frameworks and concepts we've personally used and vetted in our field projects. Free to view and download.

IDEO Nature Cards

A collection of cards featuring strategies from the natural world created by IDEO to inspire you with a new mindset as you approach design challenges.
PDF, Free
Keywords: Design, Nature, Biology, Innovation, Problem Solving
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Google Design Sprint Kit

An open-source resource for design leaders, product owners, developers or anyone who is learning about or running Design Sprints.
Keywords: Innovation, Team, Collaboration, Design
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Frog Collective Action Toolkit

A set of activities and methods that enables groups of people anywhere to organize collaborate, and create solutions for problems affecting their community.
Frog Design
PDF, Free
Keywords: Collaboration, Community, Circular Design, Social Impact
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IBM Design Thinking Toolkit

A set of Enterprise Design Thinking tools developed and used by IBM. Use them to assess your organization's needs & challenges, and innovate for efficiency.
Keywords: Enterprise, Design Thinking, Organizational Innovation
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UNICEF HCD Kit For Healthcare

A collection of resources on why and how to use human-centred design as an approach to addressing challenges related to community demand for basic health services.
Keywords: Public Health, Human-Centered Design, Community, Child Welfare
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Curated podcasts loved at Ycenter. Featuring diverse topics including entrepreneurship, politics, creativity, & filmmaking, and featuring the best sources - from NPR to The Intercept to Harvard Business Review.

Recommended Articles

Our favourite articles from the web on business strategy, philosophy, innovation, creativity, social impact, experiential education and design thinking.

Featuring global thought leaders, case studies, op-eds and publishers. Updated weekly.

Mozambique Design Thinking

Long Muddy Road to Better Healthcare in Africa | HuffPost

On April 7th, I visited Mucambe-Feha a small community in Mozambique far away from any city. The closet city of Morumbene is 55 km away accessible by dir...

Remote learning during coronavirus

Why We Opted Against Remote Learning During Coronavirus

We made the decision to not have our 7-year-old son attend his online classes. Here's why it was the right choice for our family.

Design Thinking in pharma

The Reductive Seduction Of Other People’s Problems | Bright Magazine

Let’s pretend, for a moment, that you are a 22-year-old college student in Kampala, Uganda. You’re sitting in class...

Simulating intelligence

Simulating Artificial Intelligence - Google Design Library

Techniques for prototyping machine learning systems across products and features

Design Thinking in pharma

Africa's not-so-magic roundabout | Water | Opinion

Millions of charity dollars are flowing into water pumps driven by children's roundabouts, but is it money down the drain?

UX Design

The world needs a tech diet; here is how designers can help

It’s time we bridge the gap between feel-good Design & Ethics panels and the work we do everyday as digital product designers.

Case studies and white paper on Innovation and Design Thinking uses cases in Business

How Blockchain can help agricultural markets to be more fair?


Digital transformation
for Small Businesses


Moving the needle for community development from passive donation to active entrepreneurship



Curated videos loved at Ycenter. Featuring diverse topics including entrepreneurship, strategy, design & technology, and featuring global speakers - from Seth Godin and Manu Prakash, to Sir Ken Robinson and one of our own students.

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