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The journey of Ycenter since its inception in 2014, has been a fascinating one.

We often get questions as basic as what is Ycenter and how can we work with you? To address this and many other things about Ycenter, we decided to design and publish a Handbook. This handbook clearly communicates our value system, our culture, why we do what we do and more importantly what does this mean to you - if you are a potential employee, partner, client or just about anyone who wants collaborate with Ycenter and be a part of our global community.

Are we a training company helping the young people build entrepreneurial skills? Are we a design consultancy that helps companies innovate faster? Are we a humanitarian impact-focused problem solving agency working on ground with communities and NGOs? Yes we are all of these, clubbed as a service based design enterprise made up of a bunch of hopelessly optimistic people.

This handbook is a culmination of reections of our past actions, our current standing and most importantly focused on the future we plan to build with Ycenter.

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Doing the right thing despite
being scared

You do it despite being scared, because it is the right thing to do.

You are ready to challenge the status quo.

You are ready to be Rebel for a Cause.

You can be courageous and vulnerable at the same time, which means, you also have the courage to ask for help.

Breaking the chains of conformity
to produce something unique

You are open to trying something that isn’t on the internet.

You find respite in breaking conformity.

You find new ways to do more with less. Your work is unique.

You bring a trans/interdisciplinary approach to problem solving.

Engaging in constant seeking
of questions & answers

Whether you are watching a movie, listening to a podcast, reading a book or even writing one, you are always expanding your horizons.

You ask questions because you want to learn.

You are seeking to learn by doing. As a service driven startup,sometimes the opportunity window to learn something new and implement it is very narrow. So the velocity of learningis important.

You focus on the WHY of doing something. The “what’s and the how’s” will fall in place.

Ownership and accountability
for every project in its entirety

You believe it is never the wrong time to do the right thing. You show high levels of accountability.

You have the discipline to work by yourself.

You have the knack for project ownership in its entirety - process, goal setting, outcomes.

When need be, you are ready to help others succeed in light of achieving the higher shared goals at Ycenter

Human Centered
Designing every project and
outcome to be people-centric

The heart of every process is people-centric
You go an extra mile for your clients and colleagues to make sure they “feel good” about working with and for Ycenter.

Our bottomline growth is meaningless without the personal growth of our team.

Ability to feel someone else’s

You have the ability to see problems from a different perspective.

Your default reaction to learning about a problem is to feel it andnot just read about it.

Even if you have never faced the problem yourself, you have acompulsive need to make the situation better.

Presenting using an authentic
and engaging style of narrative

Right from our business cards to our workshops, storytelling is how we engage people. People today can talk to their mobile phones if they want facts and information. So if you are presenting something, it better be more interesting than the internet.

If you believe you subscribe.

Its very much like sitting around a campre with a bunch of fellow backpackers. Replace the re with your computer screen and backpackers with your team members.

Practicing evolution beyond
one’s domain of expertise

You are willing to evolve in dierent directions to acquire, share and expand your know-hows.

You do not believe in the phrase “this is how things are always done”

You bring something new to the table, even if it is food.

You have a T-shaped personality, with expertise in one domain and a breadth of knowledge in other domains.

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Working at Ycenter is about embodying those human centered values and bringing your whole self to the work. We are proud to focus on creating equitable opportunities for all. See if we have any current openings here. If you do not see any openings, do not hesitate to reach out to us anyway and see if we can help you create your own job at Ycenter.

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