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Ycenter is a global innovation agency. We do Complex Problem Solving and help others to do it too.

Our human centered approach helps you solve problems by reducing complexity to atomic level.

From working with Fortune 500 companies to enabling startups in Africa, we are global, entrepreneurial, experiential and creative.


We build custom
experiential workshops


We offer creative
business consulting


We create rapid
digital solutions

atomic intelligence

Powered by the principles of Design Thinking, Engineering, Humanitarianism and Entrepreneurship, Ycenter strips complexity to the core atomic units before jumping to solutions. The atomicity for life on earth is credited to Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen among other elements, our organizational atomicity is defined by 3 core elements - Purpose, Practice and Personalization.


Why do we exist?
We are obsessed with problem-solving and hence we built Ycenter to work with multiple stakeholders in different sectors around the world on complex business and social challenges.


How do we offer our services?
From policy advisory work with international governments to rapidly building tech solutions, our multidisciplinary team is filled with entrepreneurial, bold and global practitioners that knows how to create more with less.


What does it mean for you to work with us?
This framework facilitates our clients and partners to define their problems and bring their unique needs to work with Ycenter. We design everything to custom fit your needs, it's not scalable but it's the right thing to do

curated impact stories from around the world

clients & partners

We work with high impact organizations helping them execute new ideas and building capacity with our hands on learning programs.

Sunways Global
Nasscom Foundation
World Bank
Shell Foundation
cornell university
IIT Bombay
Us Dept. of Commerce