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Who We Are

Ycenter is a USA based global experiential educational enterprise offering human centered design programs for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation. Through these programs, we work with individuals, universities, organizations and communities to solve real world issues. All our programs are delivered using Experiential Learning pedagogy either offline in your country or online through our EPIC platform. Ycenter is also a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals commitment partner.

Human Centered

We keep human beings at the center of our process.

Do it Yourself

We encourage learning by doing.

Critical Thinking

We value inquiry based thinking.


We help you apply your learning to the real world.

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Introducing EPIC

Experiential Platform for Innovation and Creativity

EPIC is an online experiential learning platform that delivers highly engaging programs for Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking and Innovation. As part of Re-designing education, Ycenter believes Education has to be EPIC, Learning has to be EPIC.

Project based learning

Promotes all participants to create a real world problem solving project while learning.


Hands-on engagement with the content and opportunity to immediately put it into action.

Artificial Intelligence at your service.

Our platform tunes to your needs and is always available to provide you with curated content.


Through intuitive discussion forums, you are just a comment away from exchanging learning.

EPIC is a multi-sided platform.


Participants can take courses and build a project while taking the course and become part of a Global Learner’s community.


Organizations can license this platform to offer high quality programs to their employees.


Universities can license this platform that allows professors to act as facilitators and get some high quality educational analytics to measure students learning outcomes.


Nonprofits can use it for capacity building for their employees and/or the communities they serve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've got these covered.

Am I eligible for Ycenter programs?

Ycenter programs are for people of all ages 18 and above. While our offline programs have a selection criteria, you can always opt for an EPIC online learning experience.

Where are Ycenter programs held?

They are held year round in different cities and countries around the world. Please check our programs page for program date information along with how to apply.

I am a student or work in an organization and I want to take a Ycenter
offline program but they are not offered in my location, what can I do?

Let's talk about this. Our team of facilitators have organized programs, workshops and delivered lectures in 8 countries across 4 continents. We are truly global. And if we can find or create a community with whom we can collaborate then why not.

For Entrepreneurship programs, do I need a team to apply?

Even a Jobs needs a Woznaik, but our programs welcome solo Entrepreneurs. Who knows you may find your co-founder in our programs.

I want to talk to someone at Ycenter about an awesome idea, what do I do?

The idea of sharing an idea with us is an awesome idea. Write us at or click here to send us a message.