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About Us

Ycenter is a Global Experiential Education Enterprise. We create and deliver programs around the world that prepares our participants to solve Real World problems and get ready for the Future of the Work. Our programs help participants to launch a new company or kickstart a social venture or upgrade the skills portfolio or upskill the employees in an organization. You can now experience our programs, both, Online and Offline.
We collaborate with Universities, Impact organizations, Incubators, Innovation centers and Corporates in building learning communities worldwide.

Our Impact

Ycenter programs have been experience by students from top universities and young professionals around the world who ready for upgrading their skills or launching their startup ventures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've got these covered.

In one line, what does Ycenter really do?

We are an education company offering offline and online programs for Entrepreneurship and Innovation to universities, organization and individuals around the world.

I am a university student, what does Ycenter have for me?

We have programs in Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking that prepare you to launch a company or become a creative problem solver that helps you in your professional career. You can take our programs online on EPIC or click here to see upcoming offline program/events.

I represent an NGO or a Not-for-profit institution, how can we work with Ycenter?

We offer capacity building workshop for your staff and also directly working with the communities you serve in. Right from human centered design programming to creating your theory of change to monitoring/evaluation, we would love to co-create impact with you. Click here to get in touch.

Does Ycenter work with universities?

Ycenter’s EPIC allows collaboration with universities to offer our online learning platform for Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking. The platform license also gives you data and measurement on student learning like never before. If you want to add your own courses to our platform or want to enquire licensing opportunities, please contact us here.

Tell me more about Design thinking programs?

We work with universities and organizations for a 1-day or a 2-day weekend design thinking program. Our facilitators will travel to your campus and run the program. They are really fun. Let’s connect and we will send you our information package for these workshops.

Am I eligible for Ycenter programs?

Ycenter programs are for people of all ages 18 and above. While our offline programs have a selection criteria, you can always opt for an EPIC online learning experience.

Where are Ycenter programs held?

They are held year-round in different cities and countries around the world. Please check our programs page for program date information along with how to apply.

I am a student or work in an organization and I want to take a Ycenter offline program
but they are not offered in my location, what can I do?

Let's talk about this. Our team of facilitators have organized programs, workshops and delivered lectures in 8 countries across 4 continents. We are truly global. And if we can find or create a community with whom we can collaborate then why not.

I want to talk to someone at Ycenter about an awesome idea, what do I do?

The idea of sharing an idea with us is an awesome idea. Write us at or click here to send us a message.

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We also offer online programs using our Experiential Learning Pedagogy. Which means even in our online programs, you are actually “LEARNING by DOING”. Check our online courses that are offered in your country.

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